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"I can’t accept that there is only one person for someone in the world. Out of the 7 billion people who live and breathe and laugh and cry and love, I can’t accept that you’ll only meet one person who completes you. Humans are beings of complexity, so love shouldn’t be made into a simple equation of “you and me makes us”. We can’t just give our entirety to a single soul and not let any others so much as take a piece. Find someone you love. Find someone else you love. Maybe one or ten more. Make sure they love each other. Live and breathe and laugh and cry and love together. Don’t ever feel ashamed of saying “I love you” to more than one person. The more love the better. And if you can only give your soul to one other, then so be it. As long as there’s love."
-Myself on why I am polyamorus
I wish I were a cat.
  • I’ll sleep all day
  • Jump on high places to watch over my kingdom
  • Get treats for being cute
  • Claw people and not get punished
  • Spazz out and end up a YouTube star
  • Disappear into Narnia for hours as every searches for me
  • Have a huge fanbase
  • Pussies will be rolling on the floor for my spiky cat dick
  • I’m cute even when morbidly obese
  • Everything is a toy
  • The internet worships me